Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rooster Cogburn, and a spin-off

This past Thursday we went on location at Balloch Castle Country Park to film the remaineder of the Rooster Cogburn documentary in which Rooster, played by Murray, searches for the infamous Manturkey, played by myself.

Additionally, Murray has fallen in love with the character so much, he has started work on a project of his own. Rooster Cogburn: Official Wildlife Expert is a wildlife documentary series in which Rooster Cogburn reports on wildlife both local and around the globe. See the website, Rooster Blogburn.

We hope to shoot "Ode to Merrard" (The scene with Pilchard and Merrin) in the next few weeks, and then the Film Noir in the Summer. Oh, and we'll do some interview segments as well. The in-movie movie review will go on hold for the time being.

I'm sitting on 4hrs of footage already, so we'll easily get something out of this.


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