Sunday, April 23, 2006

PMT Is A Go Go!

In the beginning was the word. Fast forward a little bit to about three billion years ago. This was when I had an idea. Wouldn't the film be great if we had a freeform jazz trio, covering a whole variety of awesome songs, with me doing William Shatner stylee singing? While Paul banged some drums to a ridiculously awesome beat? And someone played a guitar with twanginess?

The answer was surely yes. Paul loved it. Then, of course, I lost enthusiasm. At christmas, Tom got a guitar. It was perfect, so we eventually filmed the first version of the Jazz Trio, now known as PMT. We did New Millenium Cyanide Christ, and Witch Doctor, but our performances were less than stellar, due to a less than appreciative audience.

But hurrah, we refilmed it, with a much larger setlist, and slightly more awesomeness. Described as "the best thing I have ever seen" by at least one person, you're sure to love the PMT scenes when A Hat Made Of Mexico is released.


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