Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is this a second wind (blowing out of somone's ass)?

It looks like the production on the film is slowly starting to gather steam again. As Murray says, the PMT jazz trio turned out to be a surprisingly big success, and there is now the neccessary enthusiasm for the project. 3hrs and 30mins of footage now exists, and there should be no real problem cutting it down into a mid-length feature once the rest has been completed. I'm particularly looking forward to editing it all together eventually.

Things that remain to be filmed:
  • A film noir scene in which Peter Bell plays a private detective and Paul Brown plays a Mafia Don (this scene is my favourite on paper)
  • A little song performed by Pilchard and Merrin flowing into a special dance backed by a piece of music I call Techno Brain Destroyer
  • The remainder of the Rooster Cogburn/Manturkey sketch
  • Some small sections of filler and credit sequence stuff
  • An interviews featurette
  • The in-movie Movie Review

Wheels are in motion for some of these things, and with Summer just round the corner, there's much more chance for us to get it all done.


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