Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is this a second wind (blowing out of somone's ass)?

It looks like the production on the film is slowly starting to gather steam again. As Murray says, the PMT jazz trio turned out to be a surprisingly big success, and there is now the neccessary enthusiasm for the project. 3hrs and 30mins of footage now exists, and there should be no real problem cutting it down into a mid-length feature once the rest has been completed. I'm particularly looking forward to editing it all together eventually.

Things that remain to be filmed:
  • A film noir scene in which Peter Bell plays a private detective and Paul Brown plays a Mafia Don (this scene is my favourite on paper)
  • A little song performed by Pilchard and Merrin flowing into a special dance backed by a piece of music I call Techno Brain Destroyer
  • The remainder of the Rooster Cogburn/Manturkey sketch
  • Some small sections of filler and credit sequence stuff
  • An interviews featurette
  • The in-movie Movie Review

Wheels are in motion for some of these things, and with Summer just round the corner, there's much more chance for us to get it all done.

PMT Is A Go Go!

In the beginning was the word. Fast forward a little bit to about three billion years ago. This was when I had an idea. Wouldn't the film be great if we had a freeform jazz trio, covering a whole variety of awesome songs, with me doing William Shatner stylee singing? While Paul banged some drums to a ridiculously awesome beat? And someone played a guitar with twanginess?

The answer was surely yes. Paul loved it. Then, of course, I lost enthusiasm. At christmas, Tom got a guitar. It was perfect, so we eventually filmed the first version of the Jazz Trio, now known as PMT. We did New Millenium Cyanide Christ, and Witch Doctor, but our performances were less than stellar, due to a less than appreciative audience.

But hurrah, we refilmed it, with a much larger setlist, and slightly more awesomeness. Described as "the best thing I have ever seen" by at least one person, you're sure to love the PMT scenes when A Hat Made Of Mexico is released.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


This film may never be finished, I have recently discovered.

The reasons are thus:
  1. Murray doesn't want to be in the film sometimes, and instead wants to waste a perfectly good day by sitting on his computer complaining he's bored and yet shooting down all ideas for things to do.
  2. Peter and Paul2 (Paul Brown) are constantly scheduling times to film their big scene, and the plans constantly fall apart afterwards, sometimes for perfectly legitimate reasons, sometimes out of laziness.
  3. I have a whole bunch of other stuff to be doing, especially for Uni, and what time I do have to film always seems to go out of the window thanks to Murray's world class impression of a dead or drunk sloth.
  4. The general enthusiasm for this project has been stretched very very thin, and it's sometimes a chore to actually work on it at all.

It is still in production however, and I do have a strong will to finish it. Once it is finally complete I can get on with other things at long last, but most of all I can finally sit down and see what a piece of crap it really is. The whole project was ill-conceived I think, mostly because I neglected to find other people who gave a flying fuck about it even half as much as I do, but also because it simply isn't worth the amount of time it takes up. I don't know why things turn out the way they do, but the always do don't they?...

So, I'd love to set another deadline and say "it'll be done soon", but to be honest, the film will be done when Murray undergoes a personality transplant and I get shot in the ass with adrenaline.