Friday, August 19, 2005

No filming today

Murray slept in.

To the right is a visual representation of how that made me feel.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Filming Day 3 (16th August)

Day three's filming was essentially a reshoot of what was filmed last year. We would have used last year's footage, but this year there is a fancy new camera which gives a much higher quality of film than we got last time around. However, it was not an exact reshoot, as the major nice thing about the scene was the ad libbing by me (hooray!). So basically, we did the gist of the previous scene, with different ad libbing, because if I'd just read from a script, the words wouldn't have flowed as well, and I'd have made mistakes such as "Dalais to Cover, no, wait, Cover to Dalais. I think we need to refilm," which was avoided with the ad libbing.

Also today we came up with another possible scene, and had a nice messing about on camera with "Sword vs Foot: The Challenge. Who will win?" Which is a good question. To find out, you'll have to see the film when we release it.