Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Filming day two (18th July 2005)

Today we essentially finished the majority of the end of the western sequence. Highlights from the shoot include a section filmed under the bridge at the end of the North Inch, and Peter running from the distance towards the camera for about a minute.

Having realised that some footage was marred by incontinuity, we decided to work around this in some interesting ways; the MsF hat being the most notable.

Here's a little clip for you to enjoy, with some special effects to make it look old and dusty (just showing off, probably not an indication of how this scene will look in the finished film).
Once all this material has been finished off, the next scene to be filmed will be 'Rooster Cogburn', which features Murray as a rare animal tracker, hunting down the infamous Manturkey.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rap video concept

Early on, we had the idea to do a rap song and video in the film. The initial lyrics were so bad, they literally put the 'c' in 'rap'. The new lyrics are very slightly improved.

Murray is going to be the main MC in the song, and I myself shall be the 'beat processor' ie. person who makes the actual 'music' underneath. Neither recording or filming have begun on it yet, but I have at the very least got my costume for the video together, and here's a preview.

Yo, I is supafly, bizhatch! Cuss me and I'll educate yo mind with a blow to yo head...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

More on the first day's filming...

As Mr Ferguson has explained, filming has officially begun on A Hat Made Of Mexico. I have been preparing for my role for at least a month, for when Paul told me that my first character 'Old Man ' Murphy Branes, in our western sketch, required much in the way of stubble I stopped shaving. It still itches.

We arranged to meet at about 1700 at Peter Bell's house, which was succesful, only neither the director or myself actually had the guts to go ring his doorbell and let him know we were there. Eventually I was forced to, and we headed on to the set, a park by the river Neccesarily So.

Filming went surprisingly well, which shows what preparation (a script) will do for you. Improvisation was expected, of course, and it was there in abundance. Hopefully such improv will be in an outtakes section on the DVD. It does leave us needing to find my favourite whore though...

Anyway, despite getting hurt several times in the name of my art, it was an enjoyable evening, with much mirth and merriment. Will report back next time,

Yours, Murray Barnes, fast rising star,


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, otters and walruses, horses and blue ringed octopi, welcome to the production 'blog' for the latest timidelfdesigns film production 'A Hat Made of Mexico'. It's only a working title, but nobody's come up with anything better so far.


This film is the follow-up to our previous smash hit 'ApoXoqA' though the two are not related in terms of story. 'A Hat Made of Mexico' roughly follows a sketch structure, with multiple short comedic stories intertwined throughout the feature. It will eventually be presented in DVD format with trailers and such for download at the forthcoming timidelfdesigns site (when I finish it (SOON I TELL YOU)).

Production began in August 2004, then collapsed in a heap, and was officially resurrected on the 7th July 2005 with a more successful attempt at the first day of filming using a sparkly new digital camcorder.

The production team is currently as follows (though it will probably expand as more actors are required):

  • Paul Ferguson (me): director/producer/writer/editor/music/camera/etc.
  • Murray Barnes: writer/actor/spontaneous beard growth
  • Peter Bell: actor/accent specialist
  • Cameron Ferguson: actor